Pull Up Adult Diapers

Our product have 4 advantage

  1. Double Dry Layer : Keeps Wetness Away from Baby’s Skin
  2. Super Gel : Absorbs and Transforms wetness into gel from ensure maximum Protection at all times
  3. Easy Fit Design & Waist Elastic bank : New Easy Fit design for the best fomfort of baby
  4. Leg Cuff (Standing Leak Guards) : Provide extra protection against leakage


RenmarkSizeAdult WeightDimensionWeightAbsorption
MidiM60-75 kg760* 560 mm80 gram1500 ml
MaxiL75-90 kg780*620 mm90 gram2000 ml
JuniorXL>90 kg829*720 mm100 gram2500 ml

Description : Leak guard & Leg Cuff, Nonwoven Topshee, Cloth like backsheet, SAP And Pulp

Product Descriptions

  • Product Name : Adult Diapers
  • Type : Clothlike nonbreathable backsheet+pull up adult diapers 
  • Size : S / M / L / XL
  • Features :
    1) Super absorption core: USA fluff pulp mix with SAP;
     2) Backsheet film: soft film make baby comfortable;
     3) Magic tape: can be used many times and fasten the diaper tightly;
     4) Leakguard: 3D leak-guard to prevent leakage; 
  • Delivery Time : About 25-30 days after order confirmed for first order, about 15-20 days for reorder
  • Payment : T/T ( 30% in advance and 70 percent before shipping)
  • MOQ :
    1*20’ft container, about 90.000 pcs, allow to mix 2 sizes.
    1*40’ft container, about 240. 000 pcs, allow to mix 4 sizes
  • Others : The private label charges will be paied by the buyer
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