Baby Diapers Open Tape

  • Double Dry Layer : Keeps Wetness Away from Baby’s Skin
  • Super Gel : Absorbs and Transforms wetness into gel from ensure maximum¬†¬† Protection at all times
  • Easy Fit Design & Waist Elastic bank : New Easy Fit design for the best fomfort of baby
  • Leg Cuff (Standing Leak Guards) : Provide extra protection against leakage

Kind Of Baby Diapers Open Tipe

Baby Diapers PE

We have 2 kind baby diapers PE use PE Dimple with Wetness Indicator And PE Plain

Baby Diapers Cloth Like

We have 2 kind baby diapers cloth like. 1. Cloth Like Hook & Loop, 2. Cloth Like Side Tape

Container Estimation

20 FeetBulk110,000 6,600
20 FeetBags not use box100,000 5,000
20 FeetBags use carton box84,000 4,200
40 FeetBulk275,00013,750
40 FeetBags not use box240,00012,000
40 FeetBags use carton box210,00010,500