The underpads are produced in a clean and controlled environment on Italian machines for superior quality. Raw materials are sourced from industry leading suppliers to ensure superior quality and product performance.

The product has a soft feel to it which is a must for the end user. This is fit for use by medical institutions and for home care.

Our underpads advantage :

  • Ultra Absorbent
  • Advanced Polymer Technology
  • Quick Drying and Leak Proof
  • Diamond Pattern Embossed absorbing channels
  • 100% Untreated Virgin Fluff Pulp
  • Anti Bacterial SAP with Odour Control
  • Anti Slip Formula
  • Ideal for Adult Diapering, Maternity Deliveries, Incontinent Patients, Medical Examinations
  • Soft Mattress Feel.
  • Available in Sizes : 40cm X 60cm, 60cm X 60cm, 90cm X 60cm

Container Estimation

20 FeetBags use carton box45,0009,450
40 FeetBags use carton box110,00023,100